Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Dream Team Documentary

The Dream Team

 Since this summer marks the 20th anniversary of The Dream Team, I wanted to share with you a great documentary recently created to celebrate the greatest team ever assembled. GQ recently published an article about the Oral History of the Dream Team but this documentary goes a little deeper into the selection process, their scrimmage against college players, and the magnitude of the entire experience. Enjoy.


  1. Sports Illustrated just last week had an article called, "The Greatest Game Nobody Saw". It was about the Dream Team scrimmage amongts themselves. Great article that captures the competitive spirt of Michael Jordan.

  2. Yeah, the documentary really shows them going at it during practices.

  3. The Sports Illustrated article was a great read and the documentary is a must watch. My wife, who usually uses sporting events to fall asleep, was actually very impressed by it.

  4. Coolness. It's very well done.

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