Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Look: LL Bean's Book "Guaranteed to Last"

As one of the lucky few to get an advance copy of Guaranteed to Last: L.L. Bean's Century of Outfitting America before it hits the shelves on Jan. 21, I decided to give you a preview of what's really inside this 224 page book. 

In good company

Overall, I'm very impressed with the layout and depth of insight that is provided in this book. From the personal vignettes of customer satisfaction to learning about the rich history of the company and its many beloved products over the years, this book is a great read and will definitely make an excellent gift for any LL Bean lover. I guarantee it.


  1. Skip, this is excellent.

    I've often talked on my own blog about how LL Bean is a tradition in my family, and gifting LL Bean during the holidays is part of our Christmas traditions.

    I would say one of my go to pieces during the year is definitely my vintage 1980s Norwegian sweater, and I was definitely out amongst the pack of bloggers that were discussing it. I'm such a small guy though, that I wish they'd bring back the women's. A men's small might be okay, if over a particularly thick oxford or flannel...

    I'm looking forward to picking up this book. Do you know if it will be offered in normal book stores or will need to be purchased via LL Bean's website?

  2. this looks great! i;m going to go pre-order it now!

  3. Thank you for sharing Skip.
    I have always been a fan of Bean gear. I am more of a stickler though (as I age) looking for goods US or EU with manufacturing origin, which kinda' reduces me to few new and (sadly) now mostly vintage.
    I just had both my Bean boots resoled and boy did I miss them whilst they were in Maine.
    Happy New Year.