Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nautical Inspired Shirts

As the weather becomes nice again, my thoughts quickly turn to the sea. For me, the sea is not only a vacation destination, but rather, it represents the timeless current of possibilities in one's life. And these possibilities are all marked with buoys to not only tell us where to go, but, to show us where we've been. So take time today to embrace your possibilities and be inspired by the Saint James nautical collection at J.Crew.
Saint James has been spinning some of the world's finest knits out of their Normandy, France-based factory since 1850, but they're most famous for their authentic Breton tee (originally part of the official French naval uniform, it is now to the French what chinos are to us—and it's been worn by style greats ranging from Andy Warhol and Picasso to the iconic Karl Lagerfeld). With its simple lines and classic design, it's a perennial spring favorite that's perfect layered or alone. Cotton. Crewneck. Long sleeves. Made in France.

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